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After we receive a biopsy specimen from your dental professional, it is processed into slides which are then read by the oral and maxillofacial pathologist. A pathology report is generated and sent back to your dental professional. If insurance information was provided by your doctor’s office at the time the biopsy was sent to us, a claim for our services is generated and sent to your insurance company. A statement from us, under Pathology Reference Laboratory (PRL) is also sent to you advising you of all charges. The statement will also reflect any insurance filed on your behalf.

If your statement does not show your insurance information, or if the insurance information is incorrect, please contact our billing office. A billing specialist will obtain all necessary information and file your claim accordingly. It is important to notify our office promptly so that all insurance filing deadlines can be met.

Once we hear from your insurance company, subsequent statements will reflect any payments made by them as well as applicable managed care discounts and any remaining patient balance. You will continue to receive monthly statements until your balance has been paid in full. Please see the section on payment for information on methods to pay your balance.

If no insurance is applicable, charges will be due upon receipt of the statement. If you have additional questions or concerns regarding your statement, please feel free to call our billing office for prompt attention to your concerns.

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